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Digital Cameras Photography Tips ( How To Use DSLR Camera )

Digital camera photography tips, pics brand

Digital Camera Photography Tips

How to use DSLR Cameras

Learn to run DSLR camera for free only on Pics brand

Step by step read all the tips carefully

There are 3 modes in any DSLR camera.

  • Full Automatic

  • Semi Automatic

  • Full Manual

First of all, we know about full automatic mode.

  • Full Automatic Mode-  When your camera is in full automatic mode, you do not need to do any settings, your camera is set automatically.

  • All its essential settings are set by themselves such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc. You set it so it is called full automatic mode.

  • Semi Automatic Mode-   On semi automatic mode, your camera is set a bit, it is not fully set, so some settings need to be done. In this,

  • the setting is set to automatic, but there are also some settings that we have to do ourselves,

  • so it is called semi automatic mode.

  • Full Manual Mode-    When a new photographer learns  photography, he learns only on manual mode and most of the experiments are done on camera’s manual mode. When there is a camera on manual mode.

  • we have to make complete settings of the camera in it, there is nothing automatic in it. Such as aperture, shutter speed, noise have to be taken care of

Digital Cameras Photography Tips, Pics brand
Digital camera photography

I hope you have understood these three modes very well.

 Now we learn about most important settings aperture, shutter speed, ISO.

  • Aperture

  • Shutter speed

  • ISO

  • Aperture-    The aperture acts like a light and Focus in the camera. The aperture has a small part inside the lens, the light is more when it is enlarged and less when it is small. So for more light, use aperture.

  • Shutter Speed-   Shutter speed is when we click the photo when the camera captures the photo, then a shutter is open then the photo captures. When the photo is captured, the longer the shutter opens, the more light becomes and a better photo click.

  • ISO-   ISO does the job of lighting. If the light goes down even after setting the aperture and shutter speed, the ISO is used,

  • it should be used sparingly.

  • It is better to use a soft light for lighting, due to which any photo or video starts bursting and quality deteriorates.

Digital camera photography tips, pics brand
digital photography tips, Aperture, shutter speed, ISO

In this paragraph, firstly, To become a photographer right now, you only need to understand these things and there are many extra settings in it, which I will tell you in the next post

Second, You can learn good  photography  tips on the Pics brand and you can easily learn all kinds of photography ideas and tips from here and tell in your doubt comment.

In the end, For all types of photography or wallpaper ideas, please visit our site and check recent posts Thank you.

Digital camera photography tips, pics brand
Conon photography tips DSLR

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